Regional & Homemade

Let yourself taste it: The ingredients in our dishes are of regional origin, and their preparation is homemade.

With us, the magic of an entire region will melt on your tongue. Because the ingredients in our South Tyrolean and Italian cuisine primarily come from right next door. This includes lean meat – such as that from free-range cattle –, as well as greens, potatoes, aromatic herbs, and other native vegetables that also make a difference in terms of taste. And let’s not forget the fine vintages from our wine cellar.

Culinary regionality is natural for us. Those who are connected with the land and the people don’t need long delivery routes and anonymous producers. We know our suppliers personally – including many farms from the Ahrntal with sustainable livestock farming and cultivation methods.

Typical South Tyrolean hospitality:

We still use regional produce in house

We’re happy to let you look over our shoulders into our pots and pans.

And at what goes into the preparation of our dishes. You’ll taste it right away: at Garber, everything is still homemade, just like we learned from our parents and grandparents. We find that whatever has always been good can stay that way. If you’re interested in where the ingredients for your delicious meal come from and how it was prepared – just ask us!

Hotel Restaurant Garber
Zimmerhofer Family
S. Giacomo, Strada Principale 35
I-39030 Valle Aurina (BZ)


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Opening times

Restaurant (warm kitchen)
12:00 noon to 1:30 pm
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8:00 am to 12:00 midnight