Cultural and natural highlights in the Ahrntal and Tauferer Tal

Holy ghost in Kasern

The Chapel of the Holy Spirit is in the rear of Ahrntal, leaning against a large rock. In winter cross-country skiing are close by, and in the summer the church is the idyllic destination for families.

Mining museum Steinhaus

There is a museum in the Granary (stone house) of the former Prettau copper mine, which is part of the South Tyrol Mining Museum. The exhibition features works mostly from the collection of the Earl of Enzenberg.

Mine and Climate Center Prettau

In Rötbach copper ore was mined from 1400 onwards, which was smelted in South Tyrol. In 1893 the mine was closed down. The mountain interior of St. Ignatius gallery can be visited with a mine train.

Nativity museum in Luttach

Experience a spectacular journey through the mystical world of the Nativity. The trail leads from the popular Tyrolean crib via the ancient oriental birth group through to the modern representation in modern art.

Taufers Castle

The special character of the former residential Dynastic of Taufers annually attracts more than 70,000 visitors into its spell. Children delight in the "armory to attack." Art lovers will enjoy the Pacher frescoes and romantics the storybook castle. With special exhibitions and cultural events, as well as a castle bar in the castle courtyard, the castle invites you to linger.

Mineral museum St. Johann

Be enchanted by the intense radiation of the various Alpine crystals. From a decades-long passion for seeking and collecting minerals, the most important museum of the eastern Alps was created.

Cascade – indoor pool in Sand in Taufers

A totally fun experience for the whole family: 4 indoor pools - from the sports pool to the baby pool, 2 outdoor pools and a unique natural bathing pool.

Reinbach waterfalls

The path through the shady forest to the impressive natural spectacle of the three Reinbach waterfalls is the first short hike for many guests at the beginning of their vacation. Parallel dazu verläuft der einzigartige Besinnungsweg des Hl. Franziskus hinauf zur Kapelle am Tobl.

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